Waste Is Energy

Biogas Energy's mission is to convert
dairy manure - food waste - forest residues - orchard waste - biosolids - plastics
into carbon-negative energy and fuel.

Anaerobic Digestion

Biogas Energy's digesters feed dairy manure, ag waste, food waste and green waste to bacteria that make methane. This methane is called biogas and it is converted into electricity, RNG fuel, hydrogen fuel, and pure carbon dioxide.


Wood waste, biosolids, plastics: whatever waste can't be fed to a digester goes into Biogas Energy's pyrolysis technology. The output is bio-oil which can be upgraded into aviation fuel, maritime fuel or diesel. And biochar, which sequesters carbon for hundreds of years.

Renewable Natural Gas
Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Carbon Sequestration

Biogas Energy projects are replacing fossil fuels and addressing the effects of climate change.